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DIVINESUCCESSSENIORS.COM : Here is a glimpse of what we do....

-_-It's hard enough in this day and time, keeping up with your own home, pet and lawn care, let alone trying to run an errand and cook a healthy meal for yourself throughout the day. When seniors find themselves unable to maintain their own home, they may feel a loss of independence.


DIVINE SUCCESS SENIOR SERVICES, Corp is here to help. DSSS is beneficial and can ease everyone's mind when it comes to independent seniors in the home, at facilities and in hospitals. We provide reliable, honest, caring individuals who perform dozens of common duties. We help you and/or your loved ones continue to live independently. With independence comes worry for family members who are away or do not reside in the home. This is where our Check-In Service will play a large part in Peace of Mind. Please read on to learn more.

Check-In Service

Reassurance Calls and/or Observation Service

is what most families want for their loved ones. Where your loved one is in direct contact with a DIVINE SUCCESS SENIORS Care Pro who cares about their well-being.

 Our Care Pro's go to your loved ones home, whether that is a house, apartment, condo, or even assisted living or nursing home, to check on them as often as needed..  

A Reassurance Proxy makes person to person phone call with seniors who are home-bound.  

Personal Shopper/Errands

A personal shopper is a person who helps others shop. He/She may give advice or help by making suggestions. Then the PS will finish up by researching and running around to find exactly what you need.

Home Chef

Home Chef In the making.....

We customize our service to your tastes and dietary needs. Our service starts with a free, in-home consultation. You meet with your Home Chef and the Chef learns your likes, dislikes and diet restrictions. Menu's may sometimes be limited. However, every menu is customized to your unique tastes and requests.

Laundress or Housekeeper

Housekeeper Responsibilities

Include: Performing a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing. Ensuring all rooms are cared for and inspected according to standards. 

The job of a laundress is to care for and maintain all of the personal clothing for the family and all of the linens in the home.

Daily Companion

This person will not provide hands-on care for the client (such as feeding and dressing) but will provide companionship. Daily Walks, Talks & Care...(Non-Medical)

Pet Travel & Walker Service

Primary responsibilities

Feed, water, nurture, and care for pets such as dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and fish. Ensure animal has plenty of space to eliminate. Keep records of feeding, exercise, and medication schedule.

What our customers are saying

Gigi is an outstanding hands-on owner and so compromising. She's always on time with a pleasant smile and kind words.

Sarah J. / Rogers Pk.