Just because a person gets older, it doesn’t mean they Don’t want to get out of the house...

With that said, Finding transportation can be challenging when Mom or Dad or both need help with driving to doctor appointments, shopping trips to the grocery, pharmacy, laundry, housekeeping and other local and daily task.

That’s where DIVINE SUCCESS TRAVEL comes in with love and compassion to suit your needs.

Dear Families,

I know it’s often difficult for well-meaning but busy families with demanding schedules to find time to transport their elderly parents. Therefore it is practical if not essential to find alternate solutions for transporting seniors who are no longer able to drive themselves. I am making it easy for local seniors in my area to get a ride from my service to and from their daily appointments. I've also added a few "must-haves" as I listen to my senior clients in need of other services every now and then. I truly look forward to filling up my weekly schedule Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm daily.

Thank You!